[Mailman-Users] Setting up lists on a replacement list server w/ different name

Greg Earle Greg at Earle.NAME
Fri Nov 18 05:10:50 CET 2005

I'm trying to convert an existing Solaris list server (using MajorDomo)
over to a Linux-based (RHEL 3) Mailman setup.  The old machine is called
"rushmore" and the new Linux machine is called "rushmorex".  The idea is
to replace "rushmore" with "rushmorex" (and change the name to be
"rushmore") once all the pieces of the new machine are in place and

I've got things going on the new box w.r.t. Mailman.  I created a
new mailing list (converting an old e-mail alias into a formal list)
and did a Mass Subscription to add the alias users to the new list.

When the introductory e-mail went out, one (important) user quickly
pointed out that he didn't like the idea of the new machine's name
being used - he'd rather use "list at rushmore" than "list at rushmorex".
I have to say, I agree with him.  It seems like Mailman is very
"machine name-sensitive" - for example, if I try to create a list


it rejects it with "No such virtual host", but if I use the FQHN


it works.  (I should note here that I am using Postfix on the new
"rushmorex" host, but I am not using Virtual Domains anywhere in
this setup - either in Postfix or in Mailman.  It's a very simple
setup at present.)

I'm pretty new to Mailman and Postfix (I'm more familiar with
Sendmail and Courier on Solaris) so I'm not really sure how to
address this - I suppose one answer is to simply turn the old
box off and rename the new one "rushmore" and *then* mass-create
the lists on the new one so they all have "rushmore" tagged in
them (from "list at rushmore" to any embedded references to "rushmore"
in the Mailman files), but that's a bit touchy - some of the
lists on the old one are still used daily, and some are rather
important (like our Section mailing list, used every day).  I
suppose another method would be to be sneaky and sneak in an MX
change to send all mail intended for "rushmore" over to "rushmorex"
instead and let it handle it that way, but then there's the race
condition to get the new lists up and running so that it'll work
as soon as the new MX kicks in.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can best deal with this


	- Greg

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