[Mailman-Users] Bounce message confusion

Robin Rowe rower at movieeditor.com
Sat Nov 19 02:21:10 CET 2005


Thanks for the info!

> As you can see, restricting Mailman to 500 messages per hour would not
> be satisfactory. Even if you could throttle Mailman to send <500 per
> hour, it would only take a small increase to create unrecoverable
> backlogs.

According to our ISP Hostforweb.com, the mail backlog is supposed to 
catch up later. I think that's not happening. Haven't researched MTA 
issues myself yet. Do you know what docs I should read on that?

 > Did you receive a bounce action notification for the
 > second unsubscribe?
 > If this happened, it's a bug.

I don't know. It happened before I was monitoring closedly.

 > The real issue is that Mailman sends to the same list in the same
 > order
 > each time, so if the host's MTA bounces all but the first 500 recips,
 > those at the end of the list will never get mail and will always be
 > bouncing. This is what needs to be fixed with the host.

We're trying, but my ISP doesn't seem to understand what's wrong. It's 
frustrating that I can't tell what's happening firsthand. Is there a way 
I can add an email address of my own that will definitely be at the end 
of the send list and therefore get the bounce? For instance, are mailman 
emails sent alphabetical by address that I could add a zzz at mydomain.com 
address that would be sure to get sent last?

Thank you,


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