[Mailman-Users] setting up mailman

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Nov 19 03:06:05 CET 2005

Mike Wharton wrote:

>OK... thanks for spelling that out for a newbie like me... I continued to
>get nothing in the Command Shell of webmin so I used telnet to telnet to the
>server and it all worked as expected in the shell there. I must be a problem
>with webmin (or maybe webmin is not meant to be used in this way...)

Yes, it seems like you can't run interactive commands via Webmin.

>Anyway, I got all the expected results... the 'print x' resulted in 
>What does this suggest to you? Should I try to run the required commands for
>mailman in the telnet session rather than from the command shell in webmin?

Yes. As long as you can login via telnet as a user (mailman ?) with the
required access, that would be the way to run the bin/* tools, or you
may be able to run them via Webmin by including all required arguments
on the command line, so no prompting occurs. E.g.,

bin/newlist list_name owner_email list_pw

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