[Mailman-Users] Changing Owner of Mailman installation

Kory Wheatley wheakory at isu.edu
Tue Nov 22 07:57:19 CET 2005

Hi All,

I installed Mailman as the account owner "pwmail", (and the group is 
Mailman),  and Mailman has ran fine under this user for about 5 years.  
I now would like to change the owner to a different User account called 
"mailmgmt", if I did a find (find /home/mailman -user pwmail -exec chown 
mailmgmt {} \;   and  find /home/mailman -group pwmail -exec chgrp 
mailmgmt) after shutting down Mailman, would this cause a problem after 
starting Mailman back up?  I would also make sure that the "mailman" 
group is defined under the group "mailmgmt".  I didn't know if Mailman 
is binded to the UID of the owner when it's installed.  Anything that is 
owned by the Mailman user and Mailman group I would leave alone.

Kory Wheatley

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