[Mailman-Users] active links in the footer

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Nov 22 21:30:03 CET 2005

Justin Heath wrote:
>How can I get mailman to produce active links in the footer?  It's all
>coming out in plaintext, and I'd really like URLs to be active.  I'm not
>really familiar with MIME types or the internal structure of email messages

The footers are plain text. You can't make them HTML without
significant source code mods. Even if you put HTML tags in the footers
(which you can't do in the web interface, but you can do with
bin/config_list), it won't work because the tags would still be in a
text/plain part.

Some MUAs (email clients) will recognize the 'http://' leadin and
render the URL as a clickable link, but this is up to the MUA.

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