[Mailman-Users] Delete List

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Nov 24 03:13:33 CET 2005

Jess Mooers wrote:

>We have a client who no longer wants their list running.  How do I delete the list?  I have tried searching archives and faq's but could not find it.

bin/rmlist --help

You can also allow owners to remove their own lists although in some
environments this is not a good idea which is why the capability is
not enabled by default - i.e., it may result in too many 'ooops, I
deleted my list by mistake; please restore it' and/or 'my list is
gone; I don't know how; get it back for me' type of requests. If you
want this, set


in mm_cfg.py, and there will be a list deletion link on the list's
admin pages.

What needs to be done is

remove lists/listname/

optionally remove archives/public/listname* and

remove MTA aliases if any.

bin/rmlist does all this with one tool (except the MTA part is only
done if MTA='Postfix', but you'll get a reminder message if

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