[Mailman-Users] Uhhuh, my GID blues goes on... :( - Case SOLVED!

Niemi Hannu Hannu.Niemi at kuntaliitto.fi
Mon Nov 28 09:23:27 CET 2005

> This would seem to say that postfix is using two different 
> GIDs to invoke the wrapper depending on the list (or, if this 
> is the case, on where the list's aliases come from). I think 
> you need to carefully look over your Postfix configuration 
> and see if it might be getting mailman aliases from two 
> different places and using different GIDs for the different places.

Aargh.. I feel dumb, dumber, dumbest...

Though, I still don't 100% grab it, I managed to solve the problem,
which was MUUUCH silleer I did even anticipate. I had read the postfix
configuration many times through but forgot to check the postfix
aliases-file, which had all the vintage lists in it. After removing the
lists form the aliases file everything started to act logically. 

I did put the lists in there when setting the listserver fast up after
the previous server crashed (physiaclly). Afterwards I added the
mailman-generated aliases-file into postfix aliases and just forgot to
delete the mailman-related aliases from the aliases file. As the lists
worked all right (through the probably primary aliases file) I didn't
notice any problems during that time. The problem just manifested itself
as now, as we needed a new list. 

What is strange is that the wrappers in the aliases file was just the
same as in the mailman aliases file, so it still beats me, why it didn't
work. But, let's hope this cured the problem until forever! :)

Thank you all and especially Mark for good suggestions

Best regards


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