[Mailman-Users] ban member from joining not working

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Nov 29 18:48:14 CET 2005

Rae wrote:
>The log indicates that the specific address was subscribed and 
>confirmed through the web so that eliminates the "subscribe and 
>change" possibility.
>Nov 26 13:47:08 2005 (54395) mylist: new (digest) 
>"archive at mail-archive.com" <The Mail Archive>, via web confirmation

Is there a 'pending' entry for this address in the subscribe log
(possibly days) prior to this one? If not, the only way I know for
this to happen is via an 'invitation'.

>I ran a test trying to subscribe an address that is listed in the ban 
>list. From the listinfo page, the subscription request resulted in a 
>statement that the address was banned. From the 
>listname-subscribe at domain.com, the subscription request received a 
>reply that the address was banned. So the ban is working. I now 
>believe that the subscription was not done in a normal manner but may 
>have been taking advantage of a hole in the program's operations. I'm 
>checking other server logs to get to the bottom of it.

FYI, hits on the ban_list are logged in the 'vette' log.

Please keep me posted (off list if you like) on what you find out
regarding this. I'm currently working on tightening this up including
not allowing invitations or admin mass subscribes of addresses on the
ban_list for Mailman 2.1.7. If there is any 'hole' that I don't know
about, I'd like to plug it.

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