[Mailman-Users] Subscribe/Unsubscribe remotely by admin

Rae rae at gitchee.com
Wed Nov 30 17:32:43 CET 2005

Hello Tomica,

Address email to:   yourlist-request at yourdomain.com

Command lines in the body of your message (no blank lines before):

subscribe adminpasswd digest address=someemail at somedomain.com
subscribe adminpasswd nodigest address=someemail at somedomain.com

Best wishes,

At 04:58 AM 11/30/2005, Tomica Crnek wrote:
>I would like to ask if it is possible for an administrator of a list 
>who knows the list admin password to subscribe/unsubscribe someone 
>remotely. Either via email to mailman or via some other interface, 
>but not the web interface.
>I would like to make one automatic process to send a command to 
>mailman to subscribe someone or remove him from the list. I don't 
>want the mailman to send email with confirmation request to this 
>user, but to subscribe/unsubscribe him instantly and just send him 
>the info about it after that.
>I hope this is possible, thanks in advance!

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