[Mailman-Users] one mailman, multiple server names

Jon D. Slater Jon.Slater at LPBroadband.Net
Wed Nov 30 23:16:23 CET 2005


My server is set up to host 2 different domain names.  (For argument 
I'll call them "First.Com" and "Second.Com").

When I set up mailman only "First.Com" existed, so it was easy to create 
     o  Members at First.Com
     o  Support at First.Com
     o  Board at First.Com

Now I need to create a new mailing for the second domain name.  Like:
     o  Members at Second.Com

But I need Members at First.Com to be a completely different list than 
Members at Second.Com.

Is this even possible?  (If necessary I can make the list names unique 
[i.e. Members at First.Com and Everyone at Second.Com].)


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