[Mailman-Users] Command-Line Interface

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Oct 4 07:45:58 CEST 2005

Doug Penny wrote:

>I'm new to the list, but I've been using mailman for several years.   
>We recently moved our mailman server to a new machine and decided not  
>to install apache, but instead went with lighttpd.  Needless to say,  
>I'm having a difficult time getting the mailman web interface to work  
>with it, but the lists are running.  My question is, since I can not  
>currently access the web interface, is there a way to approve/reject  
>mail being held through the command line?  Thanks for any help.

Not really. bin/discard can be used to discard held messages, but it's
really designed for dumping old backlogs, not for dealing with current
holds on an ongoing basis, and there's no equivalent 'approve' script.

However, you can approve or discard posts by e-mail. If
admin_immed_notify is Yes, the notification e-mail contains a
message/rfc822 sub part that can be replied to to discard the post or
replied to with an Approved: <list_password> line to approve the post
- or you can just craft your own mail to the listname-request address
with the 'confirm <token>' command from the notification and an
Approved: line or not.

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