[Mailman-Users] To Have One's Cake And Eat It!

David J.B.Hollis dhollis at AandOConsultancy.ltd.uk
Wed Oct 5 16:30:22 CEST 2005

I guess it's the perennial problem with all lists - is it a discussion 
list or an announcements list? Invariably, there's bound to be 
instances where you've set up one, but want the other! (Murphy's Law!)

There is a useful FAQ about this:

3.48. What about setting a "Reply-To:" header for the list?


I'm with the 'Keep-It-Simple' brigade, as the list I'm hosting is used 
by non-techie folk who have barely grasped the basic concept of an 
email list, let alone the benefits and problems!

I'm hosting a discussion list on MM 2.1.5, and what I'd like to try out 
is a header/footer with something like the following:

"To continue the discussion, please reply to this email.
To send a private email to the sender, click here: ..."

This would need to be followed by a standard variable for the Sender.

I appreciate that will only produce an email to the sender, and not 
populate the Subject line. It'd be nice if this were possible, but I 
can only see this being done by an HTML mailto: link, which would 
obviously not work with plain text!

So, has anyone done anything like this?

What would be the standard variable for the Sender?


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