[Mailman-Users] Troubleshooting install: dealing with 10.0.0.n(local server address)

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Oct 7 05:54:26 CEST 2005

Dirk van Oosterbosch, IR labs wrote:
>I've hit a couple of problems, when trying to install Mailman on my 
>server. Let's start with the biggest stumbling block:
>I cannot get the web interface to work from the local network where the 
>server is running.
>I configured mailman with my subdomain host name, like this:
>	DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'mysubdomain.ourdomain.com'
>	DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'mysubdomain.ourdomain.com'
>(in mm_cfg.py)
>However when I want to access my server from my local network, I have 
>to go to http://10.0.0.n/ (where n is always the same static number), 
>because my router would not understand 
>http://mysubdomain.ourdomain.com. (The router forwards all the needed 
>ports to 10.0.0.n and the server knows it is mysubdomain.ourdomain.com 
>to the outside world). This delivers no problems with any of my 
>applications so far. Until now. http://10.0.0.n/mailman/admin returns a 
>page and also http://10.0.0.n/mailman/create shows the returns the 
>right page, but all the links on those pages refer to 
>mysubdomain.ourdomain.com instead of 10.0.0.n. Also the buttons 
>("submit changes" or "create list") post to mysubdomain.ourdomain.com, 
>which renders the web interface useless.
>Is there anyway I can keep these default email and url hosts and still 
>have those web interface pages respond correctly browsing them through 

You will need to modify source to make everything work.

I am guessing you have VIRTUAL_HOSTS_OVERVIEW = Off or No in mm_cfg.py
although you don't mention it above. This enables several things which
will cease working if you remove this or set it On.

Among the things which won't work are:

http://10.0.0.n/mailman/admin and http://10.0.0.n/mailman/listinfo will
not show any lists unless you "add_virtual_host('10.0.0.n',
'10.0.0.n')" and then it will show those lists created in the 10.0.0.n
domain, but these in turn will not show on the
http://mysubdomain.ourdomain.com/mailman/admin and
http://mysubdomain.ourdomain.com/mailman/listinfo pages.

You also won't be able to create lists from the
http://10.0.0.n/mailman/create page unless you
"add_virtual_host('10.0.0.n', '10.0.0.n')" and then those list will be
created in the 10.0.0.n domain.

However, I think if you do remove VIRTUAL_HOSTS_OVERVIEW from
mm_cfg.py, then the links in the admin interface will reflect the host
domain in the invoking URL.

Of course, if you don't have VIRTUAL_HOSTS_OVERVIEW = Off or No in
mm_cfg.py (and haven't changed it in Defaults.py which you should
never do), then I don't know what I'm talking about and you can ignore
this post.

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