[Mailman-Users] All *-admin Addresses Bouncing

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Oct 8 01:37:12 CEST 2005

Svend Sorensen wrote:
>I see.  Mailman still lists the *-admin aliases when creating a list,
>so this behavior is somewhat confusing.  If *-admin is depreciated,
>can all the *-admin aliases be removed?

See the Note in the details for the admin->Bounce
processing->bounce_unrecognized_goes_to_list_owner Option for why this
alias is still created.

The question is why are users mailing this address (or are they)? If
you have pre 2.1 users who are mailing to that address because they
think it reaches a human, you can leave things as they are and be sure
bounce_unrecognized_goes_to_list_owner is set to Yes, and these
messages will reach the list owner, albeit indirectly. Alternatively,
you can change the alias to something like

LIST-admin: "|path_to/mail/mailman owner LIST

to send such messages mail directly to the owner(s).

If you're not concerned about receiving mail sent to this address, you
can safely delete the alias.

Nothing in mailman itself other than creation of the alias for
historical reasons refers to the LIST-admin address.

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