[Mailman-Users] Possible to change the address of a list?

Benjamin Fleckenstein ben at nb-kreativ.de
Sun Oct 9 18:06:42 CEST 2005


is it possible to change the address of a list?

Let me explain what I'm trying to do by giving a short example.

I got a liste named "lugab" (Linux User Group ...), so the addresses
of this list would be lugab at lugab.de, lugab-request at lugab.de

I know it is possible to create an alias so that list at lugab.de is
also a valid address for the mailinglist, but Mailman still writes
lugab-subscribe at lugab.de, etc. into the header of the mails and onto the
webinterface. Is it possible to tell Mailman - "Ok, the list is named
lugab, but the address have to start with list-" - without haveing to
change the real_name of the list to "list"?

Thanks for any help
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