[Mailman-Users] Mailman to postfix hideously slow

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Oct 14 17:10:14 CEST 2005

micah milano wrote:
>Mailman's handoff to postfix, on this machine, is hideously slow.
>If I run a simple newlist command, the actual delivery of the "Your
>new mailing list" email takes over an hour to be actually sent. If I
>send a normail mail (outside of mailman), it is sent instantly.
>Messages I send to a list with only me as a subscriber take a very
>long time (45 minutes or more) to be sent out, they appear in the
>archives quickly.
>In logs/post I see:
>...smtp for 188 recips, completed in 2517.916 seconds
>There seem to be a number of failures in logs/smtp-failures, like:
>All recipients refused: {'rochaja at infonet.co.br': (450,
>'<rochaja at infonet.co.br>: Recipient address rejected: Domain not
>(this domain is indeed bad, and I removed it from the list), could
>mailman be bogged down on these failures?
>There are 33 qfiles in qfiles/out, the oldest being 2 hours ago, it
>just doesn't seem like mailman is processing those very quickly, it
>seems that something is really slow in transferring messages to my
>Mailman has a connection to my MTA, I can see that in netstat, it is
>running fine (and restarting it doesn't unclog things).
>If I connect to my MTA with telnet from the host that mailman is
>running on and do a manual mail insertion it happens immediately, and
>the delivery of that message is immediate. If I try and insert a
>message to a bad address, I instantly get back the message: 450
><rochaja at infonet.co.br>: Recipient address rejected: Domain not found
>This is mailman 2.1.5-8 from debian sarge, postfix 2.1.5-9 from sarge,
>there is a local caching nameserver, my mm_cfg.py has these set:
>DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'postfix.egg.com'
>DEFAULT_URL_HOST   = 'mailman.egg.com'
>USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER    = 0              # Still used?
>DEB_LISTMASTER = 'postmaster at egg.com'
>SMTPHOST = 'postfix.egg.com'
>SMTPPORT = 25                                      # default from smtplib

This is a shot in the dark, but try


in mm_cfg.py

>   postfix postfix.egg.com localhost
>postconf -n

I don't speak postfix and can't comment on it's configuration.

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