[Mailman-Users] Structure of Mailman archives

Diana Kirk owner at writestop.com
Mon Oct 17 16:43:52 CEST 2005

I've gone over the FAQ on moving archives. Since I don't have actual 
access to /archives on my system (shared hosting), I'm going to have 
to ask Support to do what's necessary. I can make sure everything is 
in mbox format. However, I have archives going back to 1996 from 
several different mailing list programs (listserv, majordomo, and 

Specifically, my question is:  How is 
/archives/private/[list].mbox/[list].mbox actually structured? The 
FAQ makes it sound like it is one giant mbox file. Also, there are two 
[list].mbox in the path. The first is a subdirectory of 
/archives/private. The second is the actual mbox file. Are they both 
really the exact same name?

I have new volume numbers for each year, and the archives are set to 
show all posts per month. Does /archives/private reflect that via 
subdirectories? For example, 
/archives/private/[list]/2005-October/[message_number].html would be 
the path for a current message. Is that how I should have the past 
posts uploaded? That is, 
/archives/private/[list]/year-month/[list].mbox where I've zipped the 
file so that the year-month is a subdirectory containing an mbox with 
the messages for that time period. 

Or should I give Support one big mbox with all the messages, the 
instructions on what to do from the FAQ, and assume Mailman will 
figure it out?

Am I out of my mind thinking this can be done? I'll take a "no 
comment" as a "yes" :). I would really like to do this if it's 

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