[Mailman-Users] List blocking due to bounces

Cathy Slayman mcs at mchsi.com
Tue Oct 18 16:50:05 CEST 2005

I am very program illiterate, but have a comment here.  We recently started 
a mailing list using Mailman.  Our initial small list test of this program 
was great.  However, the actual list we now have, has nearly 600 members. 
We had horrid bounce problems and contacted our hosting provider as we could 
not make sense of these problems from our cPanel.  Our hosting was on a 
shared server and we found out that there is a limit to the number of posts 
any given account could send per hour - 350 on this server.  So, with just 
one or two posts, we exceeded the limit, got horrendous bounces and 
automatic suspended accounts.

We are now on our own dedicated server and all seems to be working well 
other than an across the board very long time interval -average 45 to 55 
minutes- for mail being sent to as list mail to members after it is sent. 
Private replies - Reply All - on replies to list mail are sent immediately 
with the post to the list also delayed.  The archives receive posts quickly.

So, check to see if you are exceeding a set limit as to the number of emails 
your account can send per hour.


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Is there a possibility that a whole lists get blocked for a certain
number of bounces recievied? Or any other way?

Generally, what are the ways of automatic list blocking?
We're on cpanel and yet cant get it working properly. 

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