[Mailman-Users] List blocking due to bounces

Diana Kirk owner at writestop.com
Tue Oct 18 18:29:50 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 18 October 2005 07:50 am, Cathy Slayman wrote:
> So, check to see if you are exceeding a set limit as to the number
> of emails your account can send per hour.

I had a similar problem to Cathy's. If you can't find a problem in 
your Mailman setup, you should find out if there's a ceiling on the 
number of e-mails that you can send in an hour. That ceiling 
frequently also includes the number of times you use pop to download 

You might also want to run a report on your IP address at dnsstuff.com 
to see if there are any problems with its configuration. A lot of 
mail servers will not accept mail if it comes from an IP address that 
does not return a correct rDNS, among other things. The DNSStuff 
report should flag anything about the IP address that could be 
considered an issue.

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