[Mailman-Users] Exporting subscribers list

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 19 04:50:52 CEST 2005

Arlequín wrote:
>I am tring your  mailman-subscribers.py script using ActiveState Python
>2.4 with ClientCookie enabled.
>I am trying to fetch the subscribers list from my WindowsXP box to a
>hosting service where I have 2000+ subscribers I type:
>python.exe mailman-subscribers.py -v sg-guarani.org newsletter mypassword
>And I get a 0....

Granted the script should be more robust, but it's only an example...

First, what version of mailman-subscribers.py do you have? The latest
is 2005-06-14. There have been at least 5 revisions since November

The current version when run with the -v option emits '0(0)' as it
retrieves the first page of the member list and then perhaps 'a(0)' as
it gets the first page of 'a' and 'a(1)' for the second page of a and
so on.

I can make it emit '0(0)' and nothing more if I misspell the listname
or the list password, but I am running the latest version with Python
2.4.1 so it uses Python's cookielib instead of ClientCookie. I seem to
remember that -v used to work differently, but I don't recall the
details and no longer have any old versions.

If you literally mean it prints '0' and then slowly adds '.', it is
probably printing one '.' per page of admin_member_chunksize or less
members which would be 70+ dots for 2000+ members with the standard
default of 30 for admin_member_chunksize.

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