[Mailman-Users] Approved Headers

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 19 18:38:49 CEST 2005

Jeanne Goodman wrote:

>(I've looked for this in archives, but I must have the wrong search phrases.)
>Could someone tell me how to edit the headers in Outlook Express so that I can approve or resend messages from there?

This is not a Mailman question, and I'm not a MS-OE expert, but I don't
know of a way to add a custom header to mail sent by OE.

>Also, can you give me an example the format of a header with an approved header in it?

Because it is awkward or impossible with some MUAs (mail clients) to
add a custom header to an individual message, Mailman also looks at
the first non-blank line of the first text/plain part of the message
for an Approved: header, i.e., a line that begins with 'Approved:'
(Approve: is also accepted). If it finds such a line, it checks for
the list password and in any case, removes the Approved: line from the
message if it is a post.

If you are approving a held message in response to a notification, the
notification will have two attachments in OE. One of these is the
original message, and the other is an e-mail message with subject like
'confirm 079b0381a67628da958ae2da5c095606d9006dc4'. If you open this
message attachment in OE, I believe you will be able to reply to it.
The reply will go to the listname-request address and will have
subject 'Re: confirm 079b0381a67628da958ae2da5c095606d9006dc4'. The
Re: is not required but is OK, the string of hex digits will of course
be different.

If you send that reply, the original post will be discarded. If you
first edit the reply so the first line is 'Approved: list_password',
the post will be approved. These instructions are also in the body of
that attached message.

If you are trying to send a post to the list which might otherwise be
held, you can also include an Approved: line as the first body line.
In this case, it is trickier, because the message will go to the list
and if it is multipart/alternative with an html part, the Approved:
line won't be removed from the html part. So you have to set OE before
composing the message to send plain text. This is Tools->Options->Send
tab, Mail Sending Format - Plain Text. You also have to follow the
Approved: line with a blank line because current Mailman versions
remove both the Approved: line and the first remaining line.

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