[Mailman-Users] Interface questions

JOSEPH DAMICO damico.1 at osu.edu
Wed Oct 19 19:42:00 CEST 2005


We are considering a conversion from Listproc to Mailman. We have a few concerns, but our chief one is authentication.  Here are two questions in this regard:

(a) We would like to have Mailman interface with our Kerberos system, so that the passwords our students and faculty use for their e-mail, course logins, and almost every other authentication procedure would be the same passwords they use to access mailing lists.

Has anyone developed a Mailman-Kerberos interface?

(b) A number of people subscribed to our lists are from outside the university, so a Mailman-Kerberos interface would not work for them.
Ideally, we would have users communicate with another program (such as Shibboleth).  Then we would determine whether to use the Kerberos interface (for university people) or the regular Mailman password (for those non-university people) to communicate with Mailman.

Has anyone developed a Mailman-Shibboleth interface?

Joe Damico
e-mail: damico.1 at osu.edu

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