[Mailman-Users] Microsoft Outlooks munges attachment headers?

Andrew Hedges ahedges at familyvoices.org
Wed Oct 19 20:02:38 CEST 2005

Thanks again for the help yesterday getting my Mailman installation working!
We're now in the testing phase ... woo hoo!

New question: earlier today, I sent a messsage to my test list from Apple's
Mail.app with an image attached.  It shows up in the archives as a linked
file, as I would have expected:


Later, I sent a message to the same list from Microsoft Outlook with an
attachment and it displays in the archives inline ... not the desired


Unfortunately, my whole organization uses Outlook.  Is this an unavoidable
side effect of some Microsoft-specific header munging or can I adjust my
list settings (easier than changing Outlook settings for 20 people spread
around the U.S.) so attachments display as links?

I looked through the archives, but didn't see this addressed specifically
(though I could have easily missed it!).  Thanks in advance for any help!

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