[Mailman-Users] Microsoft Outlooks munges attachment headers?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 19 20:18:03 CEST 2005

Andrew Hedges wrote:
>Later, I sent a message to the same list from Microsoft Outlook with an
>attachment and it displays in the archives inline ... not the desired
>   http://lists.familyvoices.org/pipermail/fv-test/2005-October/000019.html
>Unfortunately, my whole organization uses Outlook.  Is this an unavoidable
>side effect of some Microsoft-specific header munging or can I adjust my
>list settings (easier than changing Outlook settings for 20 people spread
>around the U.S.) so attachments display as links?

The issue is that the 'attachment' is not being sent as a separate MIME
part. It is just a uuencoded file that is included as part of the
text/plain message. There is no Mailman setting to see it as an
attachment. I would say that any MUA/mail client that sees it as an
attachment is brain dead and should be put out of it's misery, but
that would be unkind.

You have to set Outlook to send MIME attachments rather than uuencoded.
Unfortunately, a nagging feeling arises from the dusty recesses of my
mind saying that selecting 'uuencode' for 'attachments' instead of
MIME is a workaround for not otherwise being able to send plain text
rather than HTML, but I have no direct knowledge of Outlook and how to
configure it.

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