[Mailman-Users] New install: Uncaught runner exception: nothing torepeat

Dwight Tovey dwight at dtovey.net
Sun Oct 23 05:57:59 CEST 2005

Mark Sapiro said:
> You're almost there. If you look at lines 97 and 98 in
> /usr/local/mailman/Mailman/Handlers/SpamDetect.py, you'll see
>     for header, regex in mm_cfg.KNOWN_SPAMMERS:
>         cre = re.compile(regex, re.IGNORECASE)
> Thus, the bad regex is in the KNOWN_SPAMMERS list in mm_cfg.py.
> Note that the format of this list is for example
>     ('subject', '.*[s$]ex'),
>     ('header2', 'regex2'),
>     ('header3', 'regex3')
>     ]
> Also, see the discussion in Defaults.py about KNOWN_SPAMMERS in
> Defaults.py. It may be preferable to use Privacy options...Spam
> filters in the list configuration.

Thanks.  I saw my problem with the KNOWN_SPAMMERS, but after fixing it I
still the same error.  I even removed KNOWN_SPAMMERS from my mm_cfg.py and
I still get the error.

Looking at the code in SpamDetect,  I don't see how it could get that
error without KNOWN_SPAMMERS defined.  It shouldn't enter the loop at all.
 Is the config file cached somewhere?

Thanks again for the response.

Dwight N. Tovey
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