[Mailman-Users] Setting-up cascading, filtering list designs

David listmanager at postnuke.tv
Sun Oct 23 07:42:01 CEST 2005

Hi, :)

I'm the languages and localization lead of the PostNuke project's  
(http://www.postnuke.com). In my Gforge-based pnLanguages project 
(http://www.noc.postnuke.com/projects/pnlanguages), I am using Mailman 
to set-up lists to report on CVS activity in two repositories: 1) the 
PostNuke development team's CVS (http://cvs.postnuke.com/viewcvs.cgi/), 
and 2) the pnLanguages team's own CVS 

My lists page is at http://noc.postnuke.com/mail/?group_id=57

I can find my way around the Mailman admin with no problem, but I have 
absolutely no knowledge of Python or regular expressions, and a little 
bit of googling did not throw up any really helpful results for me. If 
anyone could save me quite a few hours of work by figuring out the 
necessary regular expressions and Mailman configuration settings, I'd be 
so grateful... :)

1)  pnlanguages-cvsenglish

pnlanguages-cvsenglish is supposed to receive CVS notices from the 
development team's own CVS notices list (postnuke-cvsnotices). It should 
then only pass on CVS notices that concern changes to the English 
language files in the PostNuke dev team's CVS. Notices received on the 
PostNuke dev team's CVS notices list (postnuke-cvsnotices) contain 
subject lines such as:

[postnuke-cvsnotices] PostNuke/system/Modules/pnlang/eng admin.php

pnlanguages-cvsenglish is subscribed to postnuke-cvsnotices. 
pnlanguages-cvsenglish has to examine the subject line of each message 
received and find all subject lines that contain:

- "pnlang/eng" or "lang/eng" (indicating an English language directory 
was affected),
- "manual.html" (indicating an on-line help file was affected),
- "readme.txt" (a read-me file was affected),
- "version.php" or "pnversion.php" (a module version information file 
was affected,
- "credits.txt" or "CREDITS.txt" (indicating a credits file was affected).

It should then forward to the list subscribers only those messages thus 

I cannot persuade the postnuke-cvsnotices owner to set-up any topics in 
his list, otherwise I could just subscribe pnlanguages-cvsenglish to the 
appropriate topic(s). I have to devise my own solution. Perhaps I need 
an intermediate "pipeline" list between postnuke-cvsnotices and 
pnlanguages-cvsenglish, to filter-out the unwanted CVS notice messages?

MY FIRST QUESTION: Could anyone suggest the answer, or give me any tips 
to get me further down the road?

2) pnlanguages-cvsnotices

I have set-up several lists to report on activity in the pnLanguages own 
CVS repository.

MY SECOND QUESTION: How do I get CVS to report on activity to the 
Mailman pnlanguages-cvsnotices list?

pnlanguages-cvsnotices reports on CVS activity by all language 
subprojects that store work in the pnLanguages CVS repository.

Each language subproject stores its files in a separate CVS module, so 
the pnLanguages CVS repository contains modules such as:

[DIR] cat-0761-langpack/
[DIR] dan-0761-langpack/
[DIR] deu-0761-langpack/
[DIR] fra-0761-langpack/
[DIR] ita-0761-langpack/

But subproject members only want to know about changes to files 
belonging to their particular subproject. So I have set-up one mailing 
list for each subproject, i.e.:

- pnlanguages-cvs-cat (Catalan subproject),
- pnlanguages-cvs-dan (Danish subproject),
- pnlanguages-cvs-deu (German subproject),
- pnlanguages-cvs-fra (French subproject),
- pnlanguages-cvs-ita (Italian subproject),

MY THIRD QUESTION: How do I configure pnlanguages-cvsnotices and these 
subproject lists so that pnlanguages-cvsnotices reports ALL CVS 
activity, but so that the subproject lists such as pnlanguages-cvs-fra 
(for instance) only report on CVS activity involving files in their own 
CVS module?

Any answers or tips to get me ahead would be most gratefully accepted. :)

All best wishes,


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