[Mailman-Users] Setting-up cascading, filtering list designs

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sun Oct 23 13:44:14 CEST 2005

At 1:42 PM +0800 2005-10-23, David wrote:

>  I cannot persuade the postnuke-cvsnotices owner to set-up any topics in
>  his list, otherwise I could just subscribe pnlanguages-cvsenglish to the
>  appropriate topic(s). I have to devise my own solution. Perhaps I need
>  an intermediate "pipeline" list between postnuke-cvsnotices and
>  pnlanguages-cvsenglish, to filter-out the unwanted CVS notice messages?

	Procmail is your friend.  Search the Mailman FAQ Wizard for 
"procmail" and you should find some useful examples.

>  2) pnlanguages-cvsnotices
>  I have set-up several lists to report on activity in the pnLanguages own
>  CVS repository.
>  MY SECOND QUESTION: How do I get CVS to report on activity to the
>  Mailman pnlanguages-cvsnotices list?

	That sounds like a CVS problem, and is not something we're likely 
to be able to help you with.  But maybe I'm missing something, so 
feel free to try to elaborate.

>  MY THIRD QUESTION: How do I configure pnlanguages-cvsnotices and these
>  subproject lists so that pnlanguages-cvsnotices reports ALL CVS
>  activity, but so that the subproject lists such as pnlanguages-cvs-fra
>  (for instance) only report on CVS activity involving files in their own
>  CVS module?

	Again, it seems to me like you want to use procmail for this. 
The kind of filtering you seem to be looking for is beyond the 
capabilities of Mailman, at least beyond the capabilities of Mailman 
by itself.

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