[Mailman-Users] Posting problems to all users of our mailing list...

Troy Cranford troy at cranfords.org
Tue Oct 25 18:41:47 CEST 2005

Morning All,
Fairly long story so please bear with me.  I am the webmaster for our local
parent teachers origination's web page.  One of our duties is to send a
weekly email to about 550 users with current school happenings.  Since it's
inception last year my Mailman mail list has not reached all users.  I've
worked with several of our users to diagnose the problem with no success.  I
find no correlation at all with the users...some are Road Runner, AOL, SBC
Global etc.  I've asked all to check their SPAM folders...nothing.  
My installation is through a shared web host so I don't have access to any
of the Mailman configuration files.  
It got to the point where I just switched web hosts (now bluehost.com) to
see if we could resolve the problem.  Now I seem to get better coverage of
the 550 users and, in fact, am now sending to some of the users that were
not getting our posts before but I'm still not hitting everyone.
Any ideas from ANYONE would be greatly appreciated.  My web host's support
is next to useless but if someone has something for me to ask I'll send in
the support request.

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