[Mailman-Users] Posters not getting their own posts: not metoo broken?

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 22:18:18 CEST 2005

I've looked through the FAQ and the last few months on the mail
archive. This subject has come up before, but I'm pretty sure that I
have things configured correctly; correct me if I'm mistaken.

The predicament: our users want to see their own posts. The posts go
out to everyone on the list except for the original poster.

We are using MailMan 2.1.6. Here's the configuration:

General Options
  [ ] Do not send a copy of a member's own post
  [ ] Filter out duplicate messages to list members (if possible)

Membership Management... -> Membership List
  all users are set with the following options:
    [ ] not metoo
    [X] nodupes

As I understand it, as long as "not metoo" is unchecked, that poster
will see their own postings. "nodupes" has no bearing on this, IIUC,
but I've included it anyway.

To test this configuration, I just send an email to the list. It did
show up in the list archives but I did not get a copy.


Many thanks,

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