[Mailman-Users] Posters not getting their own posts: not metoobroken?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 26 03:24:18 CEST 2005

Joshua Keroes wrote:
>The predicament: our users want to see their own posts. The posts go
>out to everyone on the list except for the original poster.
>We are using MailMan 2.1.6. Here's the configuration:
>General Options
>  [ ] Do not send a copy of a member's own post
>  [ ] Filter out duplicate messages to list members (if possible)

These are defaults for new members, the ones below apply.

>Membership Management... -> Membership List
>  all users are set with the following options:
>    [ ] not metoo
>    [X] nodupes
>As I understand it, as long as "not metoo" is unchecked, that poster
>will see their own postings. "nodupes" has no bearing on this, IIUC,
>but I've included it anyway.

It may. If the user is in the habit of CCing him/herself on posts to
the list, nodupes will supress the post from the list.

>To test this configuration, I just send an email to the list. It did
>show up in the list archives but I did not get a copy.

If your own address is not mentioned in any To: or Cc: header, not
metoo is not set for you, and everyone else received the post, then I
don't know. Do you have access to Mailman's logs? If so, you can check
the bounce log to see if the delivery to you bounced. You can also
check the smtp log to see how many recipients there were and compare
that to the number of non-digest subscribers with delivery enabled to
see if any are missing.

You aren't a digest subscriber by any chance?

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