[Mailman-Users] name of my mailing-list adress ...

antoine at starinux.org antoine at starinux.org
Fri Oct 28 23:43:26 CEST 2005


I installed "Mailman" on my computer.
(+ Apache and Postfix)
My domain is : "rezoperso.net"
My hostname is : "aw.rezoperso.net"

Everything works fine when I create my mailing-list named : "starinux".

But how to create the name of The Email adress of the ML "starinux" ?

When I register a new member, all works fine and the Email adress of the ML is :
"starinux at antoine@aw.rezoperso.net"

So I send an Email (test) from the new member TO "starinux at antoine@aw.rezoperso.net"
and I receive a error message : "undelivered message" :
"starinux at antoine@aw.rezoperso.net" error
<postmaster at antoine.rezoperso.net> (expanded from <""@aw.rezoperso.net>):
[antoine.rezoperso.net]: Name or service not known

So my two questions :
1) How to create a valid Mailing List Email Adress,
2) Does it comme from "postfix" =>  "/etc/postfix/main.cf"  file bad configured
     or from "mailman"

Many thanks for a help
and see you.

(i'm not far to succeed ..)

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