[Mailman-Users] Bounce messages

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Sat Oct 29 00:03:34 CEST 2005

    We'd like to set one of our lists up so that permanent/fatal errors 
(such as invalid mailbox, unknown user, unknown host) would immediately 
get unsubscribed, while temp fails (such as mailbox full, try again 
later, etc.) will simply go through the normal motions.

    With that, we have a few questions:

    a) Does mailman discern between a temp fail and a permanent fail on 
a subscriber's address?  Obviously this would be the way to figure out 
who gets unsubscribed right away and who doesn't.

    b) How do we configure mailman to do this immediate unsub of the 
permanent/fatal errors?

    b) in logs/bounce, I see various different bounce scores.  Can 
anyone tell me what those numbers actually mean?

    Jul 16 23:14:54 2005 (1835) user at domain.net: list current bounce 
score: 3.0
    Jul 17 05:10:59 2005 (1835) user at domain.com: list current bounce 
score: 4.0
    Jul 22 10:21:11 2005 (1835) user at domain.org: list current bounce 
score: 5.0
    Jul 27 12:00:49 2005 (1868) user at domain.gov: list current bounce 
score: 2.0
    Aug 17 06:17:18 2005 (1868) user at domain.edu list current bounce 
score: 1.0

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