[Mailman-Users] name of my mailing-list adress ...

antoine at starinux.org antoine at starinux.org
Sat Oct 29 00:05:25 CEST 2005

> >My domain is : "rezoperso.net"
> >My hostname is : "aw.rezoperso.net"
> >But how to create the name of The Email adress of the ML "starinux" ?
> If you look at the General Options page for the list, I think you'll
> find host_name is 'antoine at aw.rezoperso.net'. It should not be this.
> It should probably be just 'aw.rezoperso.net'.
>  If you set this to 'antoine at aw.rezoperso.net', that is not correct. If
> it was set that way in the list creation process, your settings for
*  *  *

Thanks Marks,

I tried with "aw.rezoperso.net".
so my Email Mailing-List becomes : "starinux at aw.rezoperso.net"
and when I send a Email with the above email,
I receive this message : 
"user  'starinux at aw.rezoperso.net"  not known

If I create this user (# adduser starinux) only the account "starinux at aw.rezoperso.net"
receives the mail.

See you ...


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