[Mailman-Users] Setting up an archive list - reprise!

Horse horse at darkstar.uk.net
Mon Oct 31 03:34:20 CET 2005

Cheers Mark

Initial test with suggestion 1 is looking good.
I think it may be that a few more tweaks and it'll be there.

Many thanks


Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Horse wrote:
>>Apologies if this is another dumb question.
>>The fix below works fine if I set "General Options / Hide the sender of 
>>a message, replacing it with the list address" to 'yes' so that the list 
>>name appears in the 'From:' field, but if I set it to 'no' so that the 
>>'From:' field is the name of the member then again it gets held for 
>>moderator approval. Is there some way of getting mailman to pass posts 
>>through based on either the 'Reply To:' or the 'To' field.
> You can't use the To:
> If you have a fixed Reply-To: on messages from the main list, you
> should be able to make that address a member of the archive list with
> delivery disabled and have posts from the main list accepted by the
> archive list.
> There are at least two other things that can be done in your particular
> case, i.e. main list on a host service, archive list on your own box.
> 1) you can set USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER = Yes on the archive box. The
> envelope sender of the posts to be archived will be
> main-bounces at domain. You can make that address a list member with
> delivery disabled and the posts should be accepted. Actually, this
> shouldn't even be necessary as long as SENDER_HEADERS, which is by
> default, ('from', None, 'reply-to', 'sender') is not changed. The
> default setting of SENDER_HEADERS means that a post should be accepted
> as long as one of From:, envelope sender, Reply-To: or Sender: is a
> list member.
> 2) you can open the archive list to anyone by setting Privacy
> options...->Sender filters->generic_nonmember_action to Accept. I
> don't actually suggest this as it opens the archive to spam.

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