[Mailman-Users] unwinding mailman's use of domains

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Oct 31 05:21:35 CET 2005

Heather Madrone wrote:
>I needed to re-run configure on the 10.4.2 machine, so I changed it at that
>point for the new installation.  That's probably why it's working even though
>I didn't do add_virtualhost.

That's probably correct.

>>as mentioned in FAQ 4.29. You want to do this even if you have
>VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW is On, I didn't put the magic in httpd.conf,
>and it's all working just the way I want it to work.  My guess is that someone
>at Apple put some magic in Tiger that wasn't present in Jaguar, and that
>Apache on Macs now handles this in its default configuration.

Possibly. Here are the questions.

When you visit the web interface using some 'other' host, e.g.,
http://localhost/mailman/listinfo, is that what appears in the address
bar of the browser with the resulting page or is it
http://www.host.domain/mailman/listinfo? If the latter, then Apache is
rewriting it somehow. If the address bar still shows
http://localhost/mailman/listinfo, do your public lists show on that
page? If so then Apache is setting HTTP_HOST to 'www.host.domain' in
the environment even though you are accessing 'localhost' or HTTP_HOST
is undefined in the environment and SERVER_NAME is 'www.host.domain'.

If your public lists do not appear on the listinfo overview when
accessed by an 'other' host, you also won't be able to create a list
from the web if you access the create page from this host.

>Anyway, everything seems to be working beautifully.  It's been almost too easy
>this time around.

That's great!

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