[Mailman-Users] unwinding mailman's use of domains

Heather Madrone heather at madrone.com
Mon Oct 31 07:19:14 CET 2005

At 8:21 PM -0800 10/30/05, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> >VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW is On, I didn't put the magic in httpd.conf,
>>and it's all working just the way I want it to work.  My guess is that someone
>>at Apple put some magic in Tiger that wasn't present in Jaguar, and that
>>Apache on Macs now handles this in its default configuration.

Another possibility (given that I know very little about Mailman's innards)
is that configuring the host name at make time causes a different behavior
than configuring it mm_cfg.py.  I don't know whether that makes sense,
but it is one of the things that I did differently this time around.

(So much else is different -- different versions of Python, Mailman, Apache,
Postfix instead of exim for the MTA, the operating system, the hardware --
that it might be difficult to figure out exactly what is causing the improved

>When you visit the web interface using some 'other' host, e.g.,
>http://localhost/mailman/listinfo, is that what appears in the address
>bar of the browser with the resulting page or is it
>http://www.host.domain/mailman/listinfo? If the latter, then Apache is
>rewriting it somehow.

All my lists show on all hosts (this did not happen in my previous Mailman
installation), and I can access the list and administrative pages of all lists
using each host address.  I do have to re-supply the password when I use
a host address that I haven't used since starting the latest browser session.
That's probably a cookie-naming issue.

The main reason I wanted to be able to access the administrative interface
using a different hostname was so I could work on the new system while the
old www.domain.com server was still live.  Having an alternate address
for each system makes the transition much simpler.

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