[Mailman-Users] Customizing Mailman's Web Pages

Martin Hugo martin_hugo at fclass.hilliard.k12.oh.us
Fri Sep 2 17:24:35 CEST 2005


I am trying to customize Mailman's pages to match our website.  One of the
things I am trying to do is limit the width of the tables and pages (easy
enough on the HTML pages).  I have found how to edit htmlformat.py and
htmlformatter.py to adjust table and horizontal rule widths and change the
alignment of the footer logos to center, but I am having trouble figuring
out how to center the text links that appear between the horizontal rule
and the mailman logos.

Can anyone help please?

Martin T. Hugo
Network Administrator
Hilliard City Schools
Tel: 614-921-7102
Martin_Hugo at fclass.hilliard.k12.oh.us

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