[Mailman-Users] Just getting started....

Seeney, Tim tseeney at sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 4 04:36:21 CEST 2005

I could use a little help here..so anything would be appreciated.


The ISP for a client I am doing some web work for told me they use Mailman.
I downloaded the install file locally onto my machine.  When I go to the
clients' "lists" admin site (as told to by the ISP Help Desk), it states
there are no email lists created - this stands to reason as no one has ever
created a list for this user yet.


After I downloaded the install files for mailman locally, I am unsure what
to do next - do I upload all the files from the local folder to the website
and start that way or do I create the lists from the files on my local
machine?  Also, I've been reading many of the install info..and it appears I
have to create a local group and user for customizing the lists, etc...is
this true?


Finally, I see people are referring to the "web interface" to create the
email lists - what file under which folder do you launch to do this, and do
you do this locally or after you upload the files to the website?


Obviously, I'm a little confused so a little help would be greatly
appreciated - even a point in the right direction would be appreciated..as a
step by step guide I find the guide provided by the makers a
little..lacking.  Maybe I'm reading the wrong document though.





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