[Mailman-Users] New User/Administrator of a list

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Sep 9 01:25:34 CEST 2005

At 8:05 AM +1000 2005-09-09, Clayton Mic wrote:

>  I have just taken over the administration/moderation of our Mailman
>  site and appear to be having a problem with our Archives section
>  getting the following message when accessing the Archives.

	You haven't given us much in the way of detail regarding your 
site.  See the Mailman FAQ Wizard at 
<http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py>, specifically FAQ 1.23 for 
an idea of the type of information that we might need, if we are 
going to be able to help.  FAQ 1.22 has some useful information on 
the kinds of homework you might want to do, before you get hit with 
the barrage of questions that may be coming your way.

>  Forbidden
>  You don't have permission to access /pipermail/members_aha.net.au/ on
>  this server.

	It looks like a non-standard virtual domain patch may have been 
applied to your system.  Is this system running cPanel?  If so, then 
please see FAQ 6.11.

>  I have been testing moderator tools and releasing moderated messages after
>  I have reviewed them. Members on the list have indicated that they have
>  been receiving these messages, but an Archive does not seem to be in the
>  process of being created.

	This could be for any number of reasons.  It may be that the 
previous admin did not choose to create an archive for the list.  In 
that case, it should just be a simple matter of turning on that 

>  Also is it possible to have more than one list/archive, we are wanting to
>  have a members list (for general infornmation) and a technical list for
>  swapping ideas and technical information.

	Sure.  Mailman allows you to create pretty much as many lists as 
you want, and you can choose whether or not they should have archives 
associated with them, etc....  The only limits here are how much can 
be handled by your server.

>                                             Can someone advise of simple
>  step by step instructions on how these issues can be achieved.

	Unfortunately, there is relatively little documentation provided 
with Mailman.  Most of the web administration system is intended to 
be self-evident, but then it's also intended to be administered by a 
fairly experienced mail systems administrator, and may be confusing 
to someone who is new to the system.

	What documentation we do have is linked from 
<http://www.list.org/docs.html>, including list administrator 
documentation at <http://www.list.org/admins.html>, and site 
administrator documentation at <http://www.list.org/site.html>.  If 
you want to create new mailing lists, you'll need to have the site 
administrator password, and if you're using a hosted service then 
your service provider may not be willing to give that to you.

	In that case, you'll need to have them create your mailing lists for you.

>  Of course at the end of the day is an issue with my Service provider?!

	It could be.  Generally speaking, all support questions you may 
have regarding products or services they provide should be first 
directed to them.  They may have installed additional software that 
we don't know about, they may have enabled or disabled particular 
features by default, etc....  Only they would know for sure.

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