[Mailman-Users] attachments in archives have wrong extensions

DW dwinner-lists at att.net
Fri Sep 16 18:48:03 CEST 2005


When users send email to any of my lists with attachments, they go 
through fine. But when someone tries to go back and get an attachment 
from one of the archives, they almost always find that the link to the 
attachment has a bad extension, and the web browser doesn't know what to 
do with it. If you do a "save as" and rename it with the proper 
extension, the attachments seem to be intact and ok. But most users 
don't know to do this, an it is causing us problems.

Any solution to this?

Here is an example of a file that was posted as MyFile.zip:

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A non-text attachment was scrubbed...
Name: IFQSysFlights.zip
Type: application/x-zip-compressed
Size: 206816 bytes
Desc: not available
Url : 

When the list members recieve the email, the attachment is correct 
(MyFile.zip), but the archive has a *.bin extension.

Thanks for any info,

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