[Mailman-Users] email commands for list owners or administrators (subsribe, unsubscribe)

Christopher Adams chris.a.adams at state.or.us
Mon Sep 19 20:01:40 CEST 2005

I have read the archives and searched the documentation for information
about this, but I wanted to see what others are doing about this.

One of the list owners is blind. She is not that saavy with her screen
reader, so using the Mailman web interface is not a good option for her.
So, I am pretty much acting as the list owner. However, I would like to
try to give her some control over the subscribing and unsubscribing of
addresses. I understand that sending email commands for administrative
purposes does is not that easy.

As a list owner, I can send a subscribe command to the request address,
along with a new password, using the syntax:

subscribe password address=whoever at anywhere.com

However, if I want to have the subscription require approval, the list
owner still would have to go to the web admin page to approve it, which
is not desirable in this case. Maybe there is an email command that I am
unaware of that a list owner can send to "pre-approve" the subscription. 
Also, the subscriber gets a message indicating that the message has been 
sent to the list owner for approval. Maybe I can turn this part off.

Another idea I had was to initially subscribe the user list all using
the same password, to make unsubsribing them easier for the list owner.
When she adds new subscribers via email, she could utilize that same

It would be nice if an Administrator could have superuser capabilities
when adding users via email, utilizing the master system password.

If I have missed something that has already been posted, I apologize. I
am just fishing for ideas.

Christopher Adams
Library Systems Analyst
Oregon State Library
503-378-4243 258
chris.a.adams at state.or.us

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