[Mailman-Users] urgent and challenging problem mailman export

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Sep 25 18:16:23 CEST 2005

Brad Knowles wrote:

>At 3:14 PM +0200 2005-09-25, Jimmy Pierre wrote:
>>  The issue is that I am not root on the dedicated server, so there are a few
>>  python scripts that will not work. (access denied et al)
>	If you're not a priviledged site admin with root access, then you 
>won't be able to import the archives.  Period.  That's just the way 
>Mailman works.

It is true that you need at least shell access with write access to
Mailman to import archives, but if you have standard pipermail
archives, you can 'export' the archives by visiting a URL similar to


whether or not this appears as a link on the archive index page. This
URL is the list's cumulative archive mbox file in standard Unix mbox

If you are taken to a login page, you will have to explicitly go to the
URL again after logging in.

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