[Mailman-Users] doesn't work...

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Sep 30 08:30:15 CEST 2005

kalin mintchev wrote:

>> Are you saying that the above returns an empty list?? How can that be?
>no, no...  there are all there - about 1600 or so...  but the john guy
>isn't there...

In your original post you said you did

# ./remove_members -a -n -N aaac

That should have removed everyone or at least everyone up to the
failure, but I guess it failed so the updated list wasn't saved.

Have you considered that he maybe has a 'reverse linefeed' or something
like that in his address that causes it to be overwritten by the next
line of output?

>i was just mentioning that i used the withlist as one way to delete the
>john guy. i was just trying to add that address and delete it a few
>different ways hoping that something in the pck file would get fixed...
>> It doesn't get to that unless the address is in the mlist.getMembers()
>> list and also passes the mlist.isMember(addr) test which means it is
>> in either the mlist.members list or the mlist.digest_members list.
>that's clear. then if grep isn't finding that particular string and is not

What are you doing with grep? are you piping output from strings into
grep or just running grep against config.pck directly?

Have you tried looking for just parts of the address? E.g.

strings config.pck | grep john
strings config.pck | grep wang
strings config.pck | grep aabcd
strings config.pck | grep cd\.com

>in m.getMembers() via withlist how's getMembers() via remove_members
>finding it? where does it come from?

It is the same getMembers() method. It returns the same list whether
you call it in withlist or remove_members calls it. That's why it
seems that the address with something funny in it has to be there.

>this doesn't really matter but - does getMembers() return all (digest and
>not) members?


>> That doesn't mean there aren't digest_members.
>right. i was unclear. there are no digest_members on this list - they
>don't exist..

Just so were on the same page here, just because the list is not
digestable doesn't mean someone could not have been a digest member at
a prior time before the list became non-digestable. That person could
still be a digest member.

>> That's the point about dumping the configuration with bin/config_list
>and > then restoring it later. This preserves all the customization.
>ok...  i'll try that...   thanks....

Have you tried bin/list_members? You'll need to do that anyway to
capture your member list.

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