[Mailman-Users] Turn off wraping a line

DongInn Kim dikim at osl.iu.edu
Mon Apr 3 00:03:50 CEST 2006

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, I don't care about 'header folding' but 'body folding'.
My issue occurred because we believe that MUA and MTA have setup not to
wrap any long lines but mailman somehow wraps them up.
So, I am looking for any thing to turn off this feature on mailman.
Can this be done on mm_cfg.py or do I have to tweak some codes
(especially Mailman/Utils.py)?


-- DongInn
Mark Sapiro wrote:

>DongInn Kim wrote:
>>Is there a simple configuration to turn off the functionality of
>>wrapping a line in a mail?
>If you're talking about 'header folding', then no, there is no option
>to stop Mailman from doing this.
>If you're talking about folding lines in the body of the message, I
>don't know anywhere in Mailman where folding would be done except
>maybe in content filtering html to plain text conversion. Folding is
>more likely being done by the poster's MUA, the recipients MUA or if
>the lines are really long by some MTA in the path to and from Mailman.
>It's possible (I haven't looked into it) that Mailman folds really
>long lines too. Note that by 'really long' I mean longer than the RFC
>2821/2822 limit of 998 characters plus <CR LF>.

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