[Mailman-Users] Insert customized Reply-To in welcome letter?

Paul Aitkenhead paitkenhead at draper.com
Mon Apr 3 19:39:41 CEST 2006

My list serves a membership whose cross-section
could be described as "casual" residential computer
users that won't pay close attention to written instructions
and have little patience when learning
technology that is new to them.

Very frequently, they'll receive their new member
acknowledgement letter and they'll attempt to
do their first post by simply replying to it... which
sends something to mylist-request at mydomain.com.
Then they take offense over the resulting confusion and
they won't use it again.

I am aware that it is possible to send a customizable
autoresponder for mail received on the -request queue.
The trouble with that is that I, as administrator,  won't learn
about the incident so I don't have opportunity to do
some damage control and take the edge off of
any offense the new user may take, and explain more
to the new user on a personal basis.

So... my thought is to put a Reply-To header in the
welcome letter that simply refers to my own email. That
way, if they make the mistake of replying to the welcome
letter I can catch it and handle as I see fit.

Can you tell me where to look in the code to make this
change, that is, put a Reply-To header in the welcome

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