[Mailman-Users] Multiple virtual domains on apache each with a mailing list.

Chad Jackson chadj at ljnetconsultants.com
Wed Apr 5 02:25:07 CEST 2006

I have a need to setup more than one of my virtual hosting customers
with a maillist. I have searched through the FAQ but am unable to find
anything regarding this issue. If I have missed it I would like to be
pointed in the right direction and If not here is my problem.

I have a web server with multiple domains each for a different customer.
At this stage I have one customer with a mailing list, although I have
not started subscribing members until I have this issue resolved. I now
have an additional two sites that wish to have a mailing list service.

The problem is I have configured general at abc.com and would now like to
create general at def.com and general at xyz.com. If I use the url from
abc.com www.abc.com/mailman/listinfo/general and substitute the abc with
def, I still get the abc info for general. I do expect this to happen as
the config files are configured for abc. 

The question is how do I seperate out the lists and domains so that each
customer gets their own list information. Is this possible, and is so is
there a config page where I can egt more info. I am using apache and
postfix for my webserver and mail server. 

any help would be apreciated

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