[Mailman-Users] Multiple virtual domains on apache each with amailing list.

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Apr 5 06:07:26 CEST 2006

Chad Jackson wrote:

>I have a need to setup more than one of my virtual hosting customers
>with a maillist. I have searched through the FAQ but am unable to find
>anything regarding this issue. If I have missed it I would like to be
>pointed in the right direction and If not here is my problem.


>I have a web server with multiple domains each for a different customer.
>At this stage I have one customer with a mailing list, although I have
>not started subscribing members until I have this issue resolved. I now
>have an additional two sites that wish to have a mailing list service.
>The problem is I have configured general at abc.com and would now like to
>create general at def.com and general at xyz.com.

This is a problem. Standard Mailman supports multiple, separate
domains, but with the restriction that list names must be globally
unique. If you want to support lists in different domains with the
same list names, you either have to patch Mailman or run multiple
instances of Mailman, one per domain. The above FAQ article points at
some of the patches that have been developed for this. Also see the
post at
(I just tried to add a pointer to this to the FAQ, but there has been
an on and off permissions issue with FAQ updates lately which seems to
be on again).

>If I use the url from
>abc.com www.abc.com/mailman/listinfo/general and substitute the abc with
>def, I still get the abc info for general. I do expect this to happen as
>the config files are configured for abc. 
>The question is how do I seperate out the lists and domains so that each
>customer gets their own list information. Is this possible, and is so is
>there a config page where I can egt more info. I am using apache and
>postfix for my webserver and mail server. 

Again, if both the abc and def lists are to be named 'general', you
either need to install a separate mailman instance in each domain or
do some patching.

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