[Mailman-Users] "Other subscriptions" page is not showingsubscriptions for one particular list

Reinhold Kainhofer reinhold at kainhofer.com
Mon Apr 10 11:05:58 CEST 2006

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Am Montag, 10. April 2006 04:21 schrieben Sie:
> Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
> >Any ideas what might be the problem?
> >Are there any "hidden" settings (not available in the web UI), which
> > causes the lists to appear disconnected (although the name and email are
> > identical)?
> The 'hidden' setting is the list's web_page_url attribute. This is set
> at list creation time by interpolating the create web domain into

They were correctly set on the command line.

> BUT, this setting is not what determines whether or not a list appears
> in the user's "list my subscriptions" list. It is the list's visible
> host_name attribute that determines this.
> You say all the lists use exactly the same hostname. Do you mean the
> host_name attribute on the General Options page? Your symptom would be
> explained if the proscientia-<LOCATION> lists all have one host_name
> and the proscientia list has another (perhaps differing only in case)
> host_name.

Ah, thanks a lot. Indeed, this one list had a trailing space in the host_name 
setting. Removing it fixed the problem.

However, can't mailman remove spaces (which are not allowed in hostnames 
anyway according to the RFC) itself? Or simply ignore them when comparing 
host names. Similarly, case shouldn't matter in hostnames, 
as "proscientia.tuwien.ac.at" and "ProScientia.TUWien.Ac.At" are the same by 
definition. So all hostname checks should be made case-insensitive.
Or would this be too hard to be implemented in mailman?


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