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Allan Hansen hansen at rc.org
Mon Apr 10 17:57:18 CEST 2006

>In this gents case I KNOW of SIX, repeat SIX e-mails accounts he uses.  Do I know the very FIRST letter of the account he uses for his subscription??  No.  So I have to go thru entire ALPHABET  [page per letter at a time] to find it instead of just being able to scroll down a 60 member page.

Instead of looking up subscribers by address, use their names. And instead of using
the Mailman interface, use your mail client (I use Eudora, which has a VERY fast and
flexible search engine):

All subscriptions to my lists (40 of them) go through a very simple web interface
that requires a name and an address. (My moderators have access to this page, so that
they can moderate and subscribe/unsubscribe without being admins - I hesitate giving
anyone admin access, but they do need the subscribe/unsubscribe/list_members 

Mailman then sends emails to me with the subscription list, name and address.
Eudora (my mail client) filters those into a separate folder. I can now search for
a person's name in the Eudora mail box and see all his/her subscriptions over time.

Mailman also sends unsubscriptions to me, filtered into a separate mailbox. These
messages have only the subscriber address, which is fine by me.

Finally, every month, a cron job sends the contents of all the lists to me. These
contain the person's name and address both and get filtered by Eudora into yet another
mailbox (containing 'current' subscriptions) (Whenever I get a batch of these, I purge
last month's batch). 

This setup lets me quickly see what current subscriptions anyone has
without going anywhere near the server's web interface and without knowing the
person's multiple addresses. I just search for the name. 

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