[Mailman-Users] creating a jump to various topics - possible?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Apr 10 18:25:36 CEST 2006

Jewel wrote:

>A subscriber emailed me asking if the information in a listserv can be 
>organized to be able to jump to the various topics so one doesn't have 
>to scroll down.

I assume you are talking about reading a digest. Depending on your
user's MUA, the user may be able to get close to the desired result by
setting her/his "Get MIME or Plain Text Digests?" option to MIME.

>Also, is there a setting in 
>Mailman which will eliminate the redundant messages each time someone 

It's called 'moderation' :-)

No. there's no automated way to strip unnecessary quoting from list
posts. You have to train your users.

You can post pleas to the list and publicly chastize people who don't
comply until they get the point (or go away), or you can moderate
offenders and send their posts back to them for editing until they get
it right (or go away), or you can moderate the offenders and fix their
posts for them (way too much work), or you can just post an occasional
reminder (which does little good) and ignore the problem.

One thing I've thought of but never tried is to make the list 'digest
only' for a period of time. This would probably be a disaster however.
You'd just get a digest full of posts with subject "Re: xxx digest,
Vol nn, Issue, nn", most of which quoted the entire digest to which
they were replying.

Anybody out there have another suggestion?

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